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What our Clients say.

email from Leanne who attended a bespoke programme to support back to work – 23/1/15

“My name is Leanne and I attended the back to work course in January and I can gladly say it was one of the best things I have done. When I arrived I was nervous, I didn’t know what to expect, and who I was going to meet. The nerves didn’t last long though, the group of girls I met were lovely and friendly and we were all in the ‘same boat’ we were all wanting to get into work but were also scared of the change and not knowing how to achieve this. The 1st couple of days of the course you will learn more about yourself with different tasks, tasks that seemed pointless, tasks that make you ask yourself what is this achieving? Then on the Wednesday it all became clear as we started writing out cv’s. The tasks we had completed were now our guide in how we could word our cv’s and how to portray ourselves in a new light.The 1st couple of days now made sense!! My cv is amazing thanks to Paula, Linda and this course. The next couple of days were spent job searching and looking for courses if needed and of course the mock interview … yes sounds scary doesnt it …well it was quite the opposite. It gave me the confidence and the determination to push for what I want out of life (with a rather large nudge from Paula). The following Monday I attended an assessment and interview and sailed through it. I am attending my induction day next week and cant wait to start the course and end it leaving with an NVQ. So please if you’re attending this course stick to it, follow it to the end and achieve your goals don’t give up half way through. I feel so much more confident and determined to achieve my goals in life thanks to this course Paula and Linda and would recommend it highly to anyone. The support doesn’t end there Paula and Linda are always there to help. Your not on your own and you can achieve anything. This course was amazing.THANK YOU ”

email from Jayne Southern Customer Adviser, Golden Lane Housing Ltd Manchester


I really enjoyed your session last Wednesday, especially completing the Belbin Questionnaire, it was good to see which team roles I was stronger in and thought I would be stronger in the Team Worker role but I’m not going to worry or take it to heart! I think looking over the questions again & discussing them as group helped realise why I had chosen/scored certain answers, I am going to dig out my old Belbin Questionnaire from my mums from when I started with GLH & see what I scored then, I’ll let you know what it says!

As far as my promise goes I have started working on it already, I had already organised my email inbox by creating work related folders but in doing so this highlighted folders/individuals I had missed out so I have now put the missing folders in place which will make managing/planning my workload easier & help me to keep on top of my time keeping!

Many thanks for all yours and Katie’s support over the last few months, although as a team we have struggled to meet deadlines for one thing and another you have both managed to spur us on and get us through it so “Thank You”!

I look forward to speaking to you in December!

Take care,


email from Donna McWilliam IPG/PSG Exceptions Manager – – after being told she’d passed Key Skills

Hi Delia

Thanks a lot I am made up at passing can you give my  thanks to Linda for all her help with the math’s it really helped make a difference



Soulla Pitrakkou, Training Manager, Stockport Council.

“The whole process from start to finish was extremely professional and executed with little impact or additional work load being placed on the company or personnel involved.”

Brian Leigh Resource & Development Manager, Wigan Council.

“I would highly recommend Specialist Training’s  Services. I found them to provide a high quality of service throughout and they are flexible to our needs and we have positive feedback from our clients.”

Rachel Adamson, HR Officer Projects, Bury Council

“Just to say thank you very much for the training. I found it very useful. I very much appreciated your Training style. Lovely to have met you again.”