How to change the default font

Changing the default font is done within the fonts menu of Excel which can be accessed by clicking this small Icon or CTRL+SHIFT+F.

From here, you can search through all available fonts or simply scroll through the list until you find your desired font. Once chosen, simply make sure it’s highlighted and then click set as default.
Your new font is now the primary font within MS Excel.

How to change the default font size

To change the default font size, follow above steps to access the fonts menu.

​​​​​​​From here simply scroll through the box or enter your desired font size and then click set as default. This has now applied this as the default MS Excel font size.

Additional Effects

There are also additional options for the font such as choosing the text colour, font styles, if the text should be underlined, any effects e.g. strikethrough or if you want any capitalisation in the font.
The final settings can be previewed before confirming them in the preview box which shows both the font, font size and any applied effects.