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One of the first thoughts that might pop into your head with Microsoft Excel is how you use it to analyse your data effectively

If a client, colleague, or company asks you to create a worksheet, then you’ll want to get everything right the first time. But with so much information online, it’s hard to know who to listen to.

Left to your own best guesses, you could end up:

Creating something that doesn’t give you what you’re looking for

Implementing a solution that isn’t the best available

Spending lots of time trying to find the right answers

These mistakes happen because although you’re almost there, you’re missing a key piece of the puzzle. Google searches can only go so far.

You get everything thrown at you at once, and it’s not always easy to understand. You have to piece it all together on your own.

How To Learn With Confidence

That’s why it’s valuable to have everything you need to know in one place, backed by expertise you can trust. It cuts out the Google middle-man and delivers exactly what you need.

We provide this via specialist training. It’s in our company name and it’s what we do. It takes away all the unknowns from Googling and gives you everything on a virtual plate.

When we began using Microsoft Excel ourselves, it quickly became a crucial part of our business. We use it for recording our sales and costs so we know on a daily basis what we have coming in and going out.

Using Excel like this helps us monitor progress and keep on top of repetitive tasks. This has made our lives much easier. Especially when we have to send information to the accountant for VAT and tax.

Customers of ours have found the courses we provide very useful over the years, and here’s what some of them have had to say:

Excel Course on LMS

“They are the kind of people who want to do the best for their learners.”


“The help and support made life so much easier and gave us confidence to go a bit further.”

DWP, Lone Parent Program

“They have done so much more than they were contracted for.”


Why We Teach For Your Benefit

With our Excel training, you’ll also benefit from nearly 3 decades of course creation experience. That means you can put your trust in us, knowing our course covers exactly what you need to know.

We’ve also developed our course in such a way that you need no previous experience with Basic Excel.

The lessons are also delivered in small bitesize chunks. This is the best way to learn because the average attention span is 40 minutes.

Plus, we’ll help you test your knowledge and retain more of what you learn through interactive quizzes. That way, you can get a sense of how far you’ve come and how far you need to go.

When you get access to our Excel course, you’ll instantly have all the modules and videos so you can work through them at your leisure. This means you can fit the training around your work and life.

We’ve organised the course to be as convenient and helpful as possible because we know what it’s like to struggle with learning something new in a limited time.

Having a guided lesson plan can take away stress, give you back some time, and help you feel confident after you’re finished. We like to give people that, and now we’re doing it for people who need to learn Microsoft Excel.

What You’ll Gain From Our Basic Excel Training

Because of how much Excel helped us, we chose to make The New Microsoft Excel Course for 2022 to help others benefit like we did.

Through it, you’ll learn how to use the full capabilities that Microsoft Excel has to offer. This means you’ll be able to get ready for client and team meetings, and produce reports that clearly show what’s important.

With all this at your fingertips, you shouldn’t need to do any more research, watch any more videos, or take any other courses related to Microsoft Excel Basic. That means no extra spending and no wasted time.

And once you’ve gone through all the lessons, post-course support will be available to answer any questions you may have.

Now you’ve had an overview, here’s a detailed breakdown of the modules and lesson topics:

Course Outline

Course Content
Course Content
Getting Started
Getting Started
Question 1
Creating a Workbook
Creating a Workbook
Editing a Worksheet
Editing a Worksheet
Creating Formulae
Basic Functions 1
Basic Functions 2
Basic Functions 3
Absolute Cell Address
Format a Spreadsheet
Format a Spreadsheet
Printing 1
Printing 2


Fact-Packed Modules


Dedicated Lessons

2 Hours

High Quality Videos

14 Hours

Recommended Learning Time

Where To Go From Here

When you learn the ins and outs of Excel Basic across these lessons, it can help you in all sorts of ways, like:

Being ready to present those figures to a client could just clinch that deal

Presenting financial outcomes to a potential business partner, client or your Team

Setting up templates to show monthly figures and keep on top of cash flow

Our training enables you to have this and all our online courses for a subscription fee of £10 a month

Once you do, you’ll be taken to a payment screen where you can put in your details, and then you’ll get instant digital access to the course.

So now you’ve got two choices. You can return to Google and keep searching for answers without knowing what’s right and what isn’t, or you can get our comprehensive Excel Basic training covering everything you need in one go.

We think that’s your best option because it’s quick, convenient, trustworthy, and complete.

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