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We have all heard of good leaders and the theories around are leaders born or taught. What are the attributes of a good leader? These are the questions that people have asked for many years. What we aim to cover and discuss are the styles, types, traits that leaders have. How one person can be an exceptional leader in certain situations the best example is that of Winston Churchill during WWII. It’s a course where we look at the concept of “self-directed” leadership development, and by doing that it will give you an insight to the traits that will help you increase and develop your interest, knowledge and skills in leadership


At the end of this course you will be able to identify traits of a leader and how this can impact on staff and the business. How change leadership is a continuous process and accepting this is important in understanding how people react to change and different leadership styles.


Be willing to openly discuss and learn about how your lead. Identify your leadership style and how you can improve if its not working.

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Course Duration: 2 Days

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